Survey results from the peer about the Firehouse Museum project

Here is a link to the survey from peer review:


Firehouse Museum Peer Review

Here’s our second peer review project for the term about the Firehouse Museum web site. We’ve already talked about the logistics of peer review generally, so I won’t rehash that again. So, just to get to it here:

The groups are:

Group 1: Barbara B, Rachel B, Gulia C

Group 2: Julia C, Oliva J, Brad L

Group 3: Cassandra M, Beth S., Allison W.

Be sure to share links to Google Doc drafts and links to your website with everyone! And make sure your Google Docs are set up for sharing with your peers before you go today.

Read and comment on the essays, and then complete this survey:

I’ll share you the results of this in a spreadsheet on Tuesday.

Social Media Analysis Peer Review

I was going to put this all up on the class web site on, but for a variety of different reasons, I decided to it like this. We’ll talk about the logistics of this peer review process in class today (Thursday, November 19), but let me outline the basic process:

I’ve divided you all up into three groups of three. The groups are:

Group 1: Barbara B, Julia C, Cassandra M.

Group 2: Rachel B, Oliva J, Beth S.

Group 3: Gulia C, Brad L., Allison W.

Peer review begins today, which means that you should have some version of your Google doc to share with everyone in class today and shared so your readers can make comments (and we’ll start that to make sure everyone can access everyone’s projects).You will post a link to your Google doc in the comments for each group’s page.  You need to have a complete draft done and ready to share with your peers by the end of the day today! Don’t be late! You want to give your peers time to review each others’ projects.

Between today and by class time on Tuesday, read your peer’s essays and make comments on each others’ essays. One of the great things about Google docs is the ability to leave comments in the margins, so be sure to take advantage of that and leave useful comments.

Also by class time on Tuesday, fill out this survey for each of your peers. This is a simple “rubric” of sorts that’s really just meant to lend a little more structure to the overall comments you will have for your peers. I’ll share the results of this survey in this spreadsheet and we’ll talk about how you can view the results for your project.

Then I will follow after all of you (after class time on Tuesday) and I’ll give you my thoughts/feedback on your project. I’ll do it as quickly as I can, but since I am traveling over Thanksgiving, it could be a couple of days.

Finally, based on the comments from your peers and from me (and your own thinking too!), make revisions. Publish a final version of your project on your wordpress portfolio site (you should be able to just “cut and paste” the final Google doc, though there might be some formatting issues to resolve). Publish this final version of your social media project by the end of the day on WEDNESDAY, December 2! My hope is that the extra day gives you a little more time (especially depending on when I can get comments to you on these projects).


Some more links about Thursday’s class and “Do Not Track”

“Spurious Correlations” which was mentioned in the “Big Data” section is pretty interesting.

This is a big of a tangent, but for those who are interested, this episode of the radio show/podcast radiolab called “The Trust Engineers,” which is about how Facebook does “big data” research on its users.

A couple of the folks featured in the last half of these videos are potentially kind of interesting to look at in further detail:

Oh, and just heard this morning on NPR: “OK Google: Where Do You Store Recordings Of My Commands?”


Some bonus materials for Tuesday’s class

The main assignment is to watch the first four episodes of Do Not Track. A few other thngs we’ll look at/talk about:

What companies are following you online? Check out the Digital Advertising Alliance Consumer Choice Page.

“How Target Figured Out a Teen Girl Was Pregnant Before Her Father Did.”

Want to see what Facebook knows about you? Try “Apply Magic Sauce”

“How to protect your smartphone.”